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Amor bravo capitulo 132 online dating

He races over to his laptop to e-mail the information to Gaston. “—If you know what’s good for you and your little girl, you won’t breathe a word of whatever you heard. ”Across the yard in the cabana, Mariano watches a desperate Cami through the open bedroom door trying to will Daniel out of danger. Abe explains that he promised his sister and Daniel that he would come back to clear Dan’s name. He’s come too far, and despite all sorts of adversity, just to throw it all away now, she says—or pretty much says—then turns around and goes out to tell Cami she has no words to express how grateful she is to her for trying to save her husband’s life. (This poor dude has got to be wondering by now just what does that Dan guy have that I don’t to have both of these women so passionately in love with him when he’s got what?? ) Cam, always the medical professional, assures her they’ll do what they can, but it will have to depend on their getting the vaccine. “—Yago, do you love Natalia and want to spend the rest of your life with her?