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Estj intj dating sites

With more and more papers published by the minute, just how much noise is generated in the current landscape?

When over 3,000 articles are published daily on Pub Med, and when the vast majority of the subsequent reporting on those articles appears dubious (at best), it pains me to even think of computing the signal-to-noise ratio people face when they want the straight dope on any given subject relating to their health.

To really learn something requires contemplation and thinking—even as the reader—and over time this leads to new insights, which is one of the most rewarding experiences I have come to know.

It’s the reason why I get so excited when a patient asks me a question I don’t know the answer to.

(At a bodyweight of 185 pounds, Bob did a weighted pullup of 195 pounds [i.e., 195 pounds hanging from a chained waist-belt] …