Start Speed dating spanish

Speed dating spanish

This made me realize that I don't give them enough opportunities to actually have conversations with each other, so I will make a great effort from now on to make sure they get to speak to their classmates.

Then I will give them a list of questions for each student to answer on their own. I will give them 15 seconds one time, 30 the next, and sometimes 1 minute (which gets uncomfortable, but it great to get them asking their OWN questions.) At the end, I have them pick the most interesting date they had and have they write down what they learned about that person (in the language) and the guy and girl with the most votes will win a cupcake/candy from me! Valentine’s Day is a great time to try SPEED DATING!

I clapped every 2 minutes, they had to change partners then.

When I asked for feedback, they said that it was a great activity because they spoke Spanish to each other.

At the beginning of the activity I told them that they had to find their better halves, or as they say in Spain, their half oranges:-) (la media naranja= the better half). They walked around the classroom saying their sentences and when they found their better halves, they could eat the hearts.

We laughed a lot, boys were with boys, girls with girls even though the cookies were given out randomly.

I didn't have enough time to rearrange the classrooms, I managed to do half of one, I made up single tables with two chairs.

I placed my home made little fortune cookies on the tables and put some heart balloons up for the right atmosphere:-) I put my PP up on the screen and we were ready to go....

There were lots of giggles while doing this activity, be prepared!