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I love that at don Quijote we take a humanistic approach, and that it’s even more flexible and open.

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Educational institution of Classical Mental Arithmetic, Dual-hand abacus learning, Unique teaching method, Best outcome, Develop the right-brain and left-brain simultaneously, Comprehensive education.

Our 50 Program is designed for you to learn Spanish with an intensive course in small groups, and then practice it thanks to the enjoyable leisure activities in the afternoons.

Moreover, Spring Festival Couplets (They are some kind of folk art, which combine literature and calligraphy.) will be stuck on the lintel of the doors.

In addition to vanish diseases and bad luck, you can see calamus and moxa hanging on the door.

Also, the painting of Chung Kuel (A deity who supposedly protects man from evil spirits.), adults drink realgar wine, and have children bring sachets, which are for repelling evil spirits and praying for safety.

It is said that this will pray for parents’ life span and pray safe for the family. Around that time, it’s the season that disease begins to become epidemic.