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Validating a lottery ticket

(7) "Lottery", "lotteries", " lottery game", or "lottery games" means a game of chance approved by the General Assembly and operated pursuant to this chapter including, but not limited to, the lottery game categories of instant tickets, on-line lottery games and drawing numbers but excluding keno, pari- mutuel betting, and casino gambling as defined in this section.

The validation process is enhanced by causing a display screen of the terminal to communicate the requirement to the agent for input into a key pad of required information from the alleged winning ticket including a confirmation of inspection of the validity of the ticket and a game number read from the ticket.

providing a series of instant win lottery tickets having game indicia thereon for playing by a player, the tickets being associated together as a game identified by a game number printed on each ticket of the series, some of the tickets being winning tickets having a predetermined prize value and some of the tickets being losing tickets; and, only upon receipt of the required information and upon the scanned validation number properly appearing on the list of winning tickets at the data source, authorising payment to the player of the predetermined prize value associated with that validation number.

If you have questions or if you want to report illegal raffles, quarter pusher machines, slot machines, "Cherry Master" machines and "Skill Stop Machines", please contact The Kansas Racing & Gaming Commission web site or by phone at 785-296-5800.

The validation of an allegedly winning ticket from a series of instant win lottery tickets includes providing on each ticket of the series a validation number or VIRN unique to the ticket which is printed on the ticket in machine readable format, preferably a bar code format and covered by a scratch-off...

(8) "Lottery retailer" means a person who sells lottery game tickets or shares on behalf of the South Carolina Lottery Commission pursuant to a contract.

(9) "Lottery vendor" means a person who provides or proposes to provide goods or services to the South Carolina Lottery Commission pursuant to a procurement contract, but does not include an employee of the commission, a lottery retailer, or a state agency or instrumentality of the State.

As used in this chapter: (1) "Administrative expenses" means operating expenses, excluding amounts set aside for prizes, regardless of whether the prizes are claimed, and excluding amounts held as a fidelity fund pursuant to Section 59-150-170.

(2) "Board" means the Board of Commissioners of the South Carolina Lottery Commission.

It is imperative that Retailers contact the Security Division so that stolen tickets can be flagged in our system.

Be prepared to give the Lottery Agent the best accounting of the products which were stolen that you can provide.

The access and use of an electronic or mechanical machine designed for a lottery game authorized pursuant to this chapter must be limited to a lottery retailer and his employees only in order to facilitate retail sales of lottery tickets, and such a machine must not dispense anything other than lottery tickets.