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Who is pamela adlon dating

In fact, Better Things is so deeply personal that any criticism of her character, Sam, stings a bit."Somebody said to me that she's a passive parent, which I find insulting because I feel like somebody might ascribe that to me," she admits.

Mom cleans up the mess; the teen is never punished.

"It's very hard, when you don't have a partner to back you up," Aldon says.

(She divorced her screenwriter husband, Felix Adlon, in 2010; they have three teenage daughters.) "I have no zone defense at all.

It also happens to be based on the 51-year-old Adlon's life.

"It's cold," she teases, and the waiter momentarily blanches.

A typical sitcom's second season involves a whole new slate of gimmicks and twists, but Better Things is far from typical: It treats previous events as entirely relevant, slowly absorbing past trespasses into its shambolic tableau.

K., who writes or co-writes all of the Better Things episodes. She had the best instincts and was the most reliable sounding board." Up until then, Adlon was best known as the gravelly voice of hapless adolescent Bobby on Fox's King of the Hill, for which she won an Emmy in 2002.

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