Start Wwe battleground 10/6/13 online dating

Wwe battleground 10/6/13 online dating

He was amongst the thirteen invites from the Asian servers to play in the Team Liquid Star League 3 online tournament.

During the first GSL of 2011, GSL January 2011 Code S, MC would advance to the Round of 16 by beating Na Da and San.

He would meet up once again with Jinro after having swept him in the previous GSL, but this time would fall 0-2 to the foreign Terran.

In the off-season before the GSL 2011 tournaments, MC took part in the YGosu Invitational as one of 16 invitees that featured predominantly GSL players.

MC would reach the finals where he would come back from a 1-3 deficit against the Terran player Bomber to win 4-3.

In the finals they beat the former We RRa team, with MC scoring a 3-kill.

During GSL Open Season 3, MC beat July, Marine King, Jinro and finally Rain in order to become the first Protoss to win a GSL, as well as the last player of the pre-season 2010 to win the tournament.

Still, reaching ro16 was enough to qualify for the next Code S season.